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  1. Lovely collection of books and I really enjoyed your reviews, especially the one about 'The order of time', I always thoroughly enjoy a good rant and I got a very clear idea about the book. 'Lab girl' sounds really interesting too!

    I really get what you're saying about time so your review was also extremely relatable for me! I remember when I was 7 I was told about the concept of eternity and it really fucked me up at the time. I couldn't get my head around the idea of infinity to the point that it gave me anxiety. Even now, many years later I get nervous when I try to think about time but I also find it extremely fascinating, none of my friends share my confusion though (the struggle is real!)
    I might give the book a try and hopefully it'll give me some new concepts and ideas to ruminate about and not just fuel for this non-ending frustration! I'll certainly join you in this insanity though, that's for sure! :P
    Also, for me, time and death were at some point intertwined as concepts and I can help myself think of the one thing without the other popping up as well -which makes all of it more messed up. Is there any connection for you as well between those two or are those two entirely different things that inspire different thoughts and feelings?


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