I mentioned this in the video I did this year where I talked about my skincare and make-up, but I've just gotten a new pot of this because it's so good, so I wanted to share it again!

I used to really struggle with dry patches, especially during the colder months and after having tried loads of different products, I tried the Magic Cream from Charlotte Tilbury, and it completely solved the problem. It sits beautifully under make-up; it sinks into the skin immediately and you don't have to wait to put anything on over it.

My only problem with this cream is the price. It literally breaks the bank every time I need to get a new one which is super annoying, but I can't find anything else that can compete with it, so I always end up getting a new one when I run out.
I will say though, a pot lasts for a really long time because you don't need a lot of it. I use it every morning and a 50ml pot lasts me for around six months and I once got the huge 150ml one and that lasted for almost two years, which is a lot compared to other creams I use, which is great!

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