Title: The Water Cure
Author: Sophie Mackintosh
Published: 2018
Language: English
Pages: 256
Rating: 3/5

This is the story of three daughters who live on an island so that they can be protected from the violence and chaos of men on the mainland and whose lives are changed forever when one day, three men wash up on the shore.

What an odd, but interesting book this was.

There's a weird and mysterious atmosphere in this book that I absolutely love. I really enjoyed reading about the island, the rituals of the people living there and their way of seeing the world. I also really enjoyed reading about the sisters and their relationships with each other, I thought that part was fascinating.

I think the writing is beautiful and it creates such an interesting ambience, but it also veils the story in a way where I constantly felt like I couldn't quite see clearly and the more I read, the more annoying it got. There is a lot to this story that I don't really understand and maybe we're not supposed to, but a lot of it sort of feels feels like a dream that I can't quite grasp.

It's not a book I necessarily felt utterly compelled to keep reading and it was slightly underwhelming, but it was interesting enough.
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