Today I've got an item whose smell reminds me so much of summer and travel. I actually started using this years ago while I was on a trip to Italy with my best friends and it's been my favorite ever since; it's this Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream (try saying that five times fast) from Elizabeth Arden.

This smells really fresh and amazing and it leaves a really nice fragrance on your skin that isn't too overpowering. And it obviously makes my skin super smooth, otherwise I wouldn't keep using it.

A huge pot of it also lasts for a really long time; I've had the one I'm currently using for almost a year and I haven't hit the bottom yet, although it of course depends on how often and much you use.

Elizabeth Arden has also come out with another variety of this with Nectarine Blossom as well, which I haven't smelled but I really need to check out!

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