Title: American War
Author: Omar El Akkad
Published: 2017
Language: English
Pages: 352
Rating: 3/5

The year is 2074 and when the Second American Civil War breaks out, Sara Chestnut is only six years old, living in Louisiana. But before long, the war makes its way to her family home and they find themselves on the run.

This was a really interesting book to read and although it's nowhere near perfect, I absolutely flew through it.

There's something horrendously appealing in reading a story where you know things aren't going to end well. I found this to be really captivating and engrossing and I really couldn't put it down. I think the world this is set in is fascinating and it's especially interesting because it brings to life the consequences of challenges we face today; rising sea levels and rising temperatures. You could really feel how barren this world had become.

Still though, I wanted more and that's the feeling that I'm left with as I've finished this book; I wanted to know more. I have so many questions about the history of this world and I'm left feeling a bit unsatisfied with some of the characters as well. I think the first two parts of the book are excellent, but it's towards the end you start noticing the gaps in both the story and the people in it.

It's a good book because it's plausible, as are all the best dystopian novels, but there are things missing from this that can't be overlooked. I'm glad I read it though, and I'd recommend it if you enjoy books in this genre.
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