It's been a long time since I've had some bookish reflections on here, but I feel like it's time to bring it back! Starting a new year always opens up to a lot of thinking and reflection on my part, as there's something wonderful about a new year starting; and leaving the old behind and starting afresh.

With that comes making resolutions and goals for the new year. Now, I'm not a huge resolution maker in my personal life, but in my book life, every year I made the blog and the channel, I've made some. I've also made lists and lists of books I want to get to in the next year, but the main goals for this year are (as you may have seen in my 2018 video):
Now, in the past year or so, a lot of people in the bookish community, especially on YouTube, have been expressing feeling a certain reading fatigue and I have felt the same in some ways. You'd think maybe not making any resolutions would be the best thing to do, but I've decided to make them anyway. I've also made the decision not to be to bothered by them, which I suppose kind of defeats the purpose, but hear me out.

I think the thing is: I'm happy I've made myself some plans and goals because it's kind of a fun thing to do; to have a list of goals. It also serves as a reminder of the things I want to focus on. I think the numbers of them is the part I'm not going to care that much about; I've said I want to read 10 translated books, but if I read 5 or 3 or 1, I'll be fine, because it really isn't the end of the world. And if I decide I don't want to read any classics during the year, I'll be fine because if I don't feel like doing it, it really is just a list.

I feel like 2018 should be the year I get back into the pure joy of reading, while also slightly trying to expand my reading when it comes to variety (which is what most of my goals are about).

I still feel ambivalent about making resolutions, but please do let me know if you've made any resolutions for this year, and also; do you think they're a good idea, a bad idea or are you a bit on the fence, like me? I'd love to know!


  1. I think it really depends on the person. For me, making too many resolutions drive me a bit mad, cause I always change my mind basically on any kind of stuff, so it's hard and tiring. So my solution is to make a challenge that fits my personality, for me I wanted to expand the variety of books I read but also get to read things that I already have but I just delayed its reading. So instead of setting an specific number of books on Goodreads, I decided to make a challenge where I get to pick one book for each month of this year, being each month with a different task:

    January - Meet a new author (a book from an author you've never read).
    February - Read the oldest book in your shelf that you haven't read.
    March - Reread a book that was read at school and you didn't like or understand.
    April - A book from a genre you haven't tried before.
    May - A book wrote by a brazilian author (because I'm from Brazil).
    June - A book that a relative/best friend really likes or recommended to you.
    July - A book with an ugly cover (but interesting plot, of course).
    August - A book narrated by animals or mythical creatures.
    September - A book released on the day you were born (or month/year).
    October - A book which's story is set in the city you live (or state).
    November - A book that was banned.
    December - A book from your TBR that has been there for more than 2 years (I have quite a lot T_T)

    I found this challenge to be easy to accomplish and very helpful, but also quite personal. This year is going to me my last on college, so I'll be very busy. So I hope that with this challenge I may proceed as a reader in many ways. Also, I'll have time to read whatever gets my attention along the way (hopefully).

    1. Those resolutions look amazing! What a great way to structure them. Best of luck! :D xx Alice

  2. In 2017 my reading was kind of crappy –I had trouble focusing and couldn’t bring myself to read sometimes for months in a row. This was a bit unfortunate since I love reading but I imagine the pressure to read when you’re running a book blog must be pretty tiresome.
    My reading resolutions are pretty loose at the moment:
    -One would probably be to read all my unread books (that would be around 20). Some of the books are in my tbr for 5-6 years and I’d like to finally read them and start fresh reading-wise.
    -Another would be to read some more non-fiction books and truth be told your blog and reading this year inspired me to get more into non-fiction. I’ve always enjoyed history books but last year I found out that I really like non-fiction books on nature as well, so I would like to discover some more books on these topics.
    -Finally, it would also be great to read a few classics from my country –for some reason I never manage to read any (Kind of like you with the 5 books in Norwegian… Is this some kind of curse? When you start reading in english you can’t seem to read in your native language ever again or something?) :)
    I wish your reading in 2018 to turn out just as you want! Happy reading!

    1. The pressure can be tiring, but I must say, the benefits outweigh the negative any day of the week :D I'm glad to have inspired you to pick up some nonfiction, I hope you read some great ones this year! And that you get to read loads of other great books! :D xx Alice

  3. I'm pro reading resolutions if they're more like guidelines, like you say. Truth is, we don't have time to read all the books, so I think it's a good idea to set some intentions of how to spend our time. I'm also a mood reader, though, so if I feel like reading something else, it's not the end of the world.

    1. Yes, exactly! Having them as guidelines works best, I feel :) xx Alice


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