Title: I See You
Author: Clare Mackintosh
Published: 2017
Language: English
Pages: 372
Rating: 3/5

One day, Zoe Walker, a woman whose life is marked by routine, find her picture in the classifieds section in the newspaper alongside a number and the website findtheone.com. Then other women begin appearing in the same day, a new one every day, and Zoe realises they've all become victims of increasingly violent crimes...

This book had a lot of things in it I thought were really interesting and some things I didn't really like.

I think the premise of this book is great and I think most of us can't help but feel a slight worry at the idea of someone following you and how easy it would be. It also brings the Internet into the picture and sheds light on some of the dangers of it, which I think we all can connect to, and although I wouldn't say the plot is strictly realistic, it's gripping and fascinating.

The story is told through two main characters; one being Zoe and the other being a female police officer involved in investigating the crimes. Now, I thought a lot of what came from Zoe's perspective was quite interesting, but I found myself increasingly frustrated with the police officer, there was just something off about her and I didn't really care much for her viewpoint.

I think this is a pretty interesting thriller and worth the read, but it isn't the best I've read. I'd recommend it if you're really into your mystery thrillers.
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