1. My favorite book is Prisoner of Azkaban. While the 4rth book is –like you said- the last book before things get really dark, I’ve always felt that the 3rd one is the book that sets the whole story truly in motion and everything gets a bit more complicated rather than the more black & white approach that there is in the first two books.
    I’m a very proud and happy Hufflepuff and my patronus (according to pottermore) is a St.Bernard’s dog –I was expecting something completely different but I guess St. Bernard has a certain Hufflepuff vibe to it being all fluffy, protective etc so I’m pleased! :)

    You know, considering how the books came out while we were growing up and that being something completely new and magical, sort of like an ongoing journey, I wonder if that played a vital role in how cherished this series is for many of us and if children that get to read the series now or in the future will bond over Harry Potter in the same level as our generation did.
    Cheers! :)

    1. I definitely agree with you on the Prisoner of Azkaban (I'm actually starting it this evening, just finished the Chamber of Secrets and I can't wait)! And what a great Patronus you have, sounds perfect for a Hufflepuff indeed :D

      I think part of the bonding of our generation was the anticipation of the next books and everyone reading them together as soon as they came out, so I imagine it will be different for kids who read the books now than it was for us, but hopefully, they'll still bond over it! There's nothing quite like it :) xx Alice

    2. Yes, anticipating the next books was certainly a big part of how we experienced the series and everyone who’s going to read them now is in for a different ride- you’re right though, it’s definitely something however you get to experience it! Plus, there are so many versions of the story available now: the films, the illustrated editions and loads of fanfiction to fuel someone’s view of the whole hp world, so that’s an interesting factor.
      (A bat patronus sounds kind of appropriate for a Ravenclaw too since the Ravenclaw dorm is up in the Astronomy tower and you lot get to spend so much time amongst books and stuff, rather gothic if you will)
      Happy re-reading!:)


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