It's spring and I felt like it was time to introduce a new feature to the blog. I'm going to call this, as you can probably see in the title; things I like!

Now, there are books everywhere on this blog, so much so you can hardly get away from it (which I suppose is the point of a book blog). But I feel like there should be a little more space for other things as well, if only to give you a bit of a peek into my life to see what I'm enjoying!

Now, I suspect some of these things will be book-related, but I like the idea of being able to share other things with you guys too, just anything I'm digging. So, here we are! Ironically, the first thing I want to tell you about is actually slightly book related and it is this lovely tote bag called "Fair" from Obvious State, which features not only this lovely artwork, but a literary quote as well.

I've had mine for over a year now and it's well worn and probably needs a wash just about now because I use it almost every single day. Tote bags come with all sorts of lovely artwork on them, but this one is one I never tire of. While writing this post, I'm actually eyeing some of the others designs on their website, especially the other floral ones...

I hope you guys are going to like these new types of posts and if you have any thoughts, do share them with me!


  1. So pretty! I like how well matched the blue and the pale brown (?) color is!


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