I've been a reader for as long as I can remember - as a child, books were my favorite thing and while growing up, they have remained exactly that. But when looking back, I can clearly see a shift in myself, what I read and the way I read dating back to about 2014; the year I started this blog.

I think I've mentioned it before, but I started The Book Castle blog just after I graduated from photography school because I'd been thinking about it for a good while, but I didn't want it to get in the way of my studies. I also didn't feel brave enough to start a YouTube channel, although I had been watching BookTube religiously for about a year. So I created this little corner of the internet and it has been nothing but a fantastic experience ever since.

The greatest thing about the internet and the bookish community here is that I found people like myself, who care about books, literature and all bookish things to the same degree as I do, if not more. There's an equal passion here that is amazing and that I just love, and eventually, as you know, I also started a YouTube channel, which feels even more interactive with other people and is absolutely wonderful.

It's also motivating to see books everywhere, to have books as such a big part of my day to day life, and this has really upped my game when it comes to how much I read. When looking back, I think I maybe read between a dozen and two a year and now, as I'm sure you're aware, I try to read about one hundred.

But it isn't all about the numbers of pages or books read. The way my reading has changed the most is when it comes to the diversity of it. Where as before I used to stick to certain genres, now I read almost everything. Where as before I used to read mostly white authors (because that's what was most available to me and I didn't even notice), I have made an effort to broaden my horizon and it's made such a difference. Where as before I used to talk about books with only a few of my friends, now I get to discuss them with all of you who comment on posts and videos and that's the main reason for doing any of this at all.

Books have always helped open my mind, but the internet with its literature lovers and the bookish community has exploded it in the best way imaginable, and I'm really grateful for it. It's an absolute joy.

This got a bit more sappy than perhaps I'd outlined, but this place really has been and still is one of the best parts of my life. What about you guys? Whether you're an active participant, a blogger, vlogger, bookstagrammer or something else, or just check in once in a while, how has the internet changed you and your literary adventures? I would love to know!

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