So, I think subscription boxes and book boxes in general are such great ideas, but I've never been able to find one that I actually really thought I would enjoy - until now.

Mercedes, over at the booktube channel MercysBookishMusings, has created a book box called Moth Box (just the name is amazing). I love her channel and she always talks about really interesting books and ones I haven't heard of, so I figured, if I trust anyone to pick uncommon and fascinating books, it's her.

This isn't a subscription service, you can order any boxes you want. Unfortunately, this box is sold out, but the next one will be out in January.

This box contains two paperback books, carefully chosen and beautifully wrapped, as well as two bookmarks, one for each book. Honestly, I think it's just wonderful and such a joy to open.

What do you think? Do you have any book boxes you love?

PS: You can follow MothBox on Twitter, if you want to get updates on the next box and such.

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