It is the last day of the year, and time to wrap it up!

2016 has been a turbulent year for the world, but on this little platform that is my blog as well as my YouTube channel, it's been a pretty good year. Thank you so much for your support, your comments and your messages - I love talking about books with you guys!

So. Time to look how things went reading-wise this year!

How Many Books I Read:
I set a goal of reading 100 books and I managed to do that... barely. I may have binge read four books yesterday to get there, but I did!

Books Per Month:
January: 8
February: 2
March: 9
April: 10
May: 14
June: 9
July: 10
August: 8
September: 9
October: 8
November: 8
December: 5

The Books I Read:
(again, stolen from Goodreads)

Personal Challenges:
12 Classics: 19
5 Books In Norwegian: 1
12 Translated Books: 15
5 Non-Fiction Books: 25
12 Poetry Books: 13

Other Stats:

How was your year of reading?


  1. Happy New Year! I managed to read 95 books - last year 105, but I'm still pretty satisfied :-) And I have just put The Night Rainbow on my TBR!

  2. My God, you read so much! I wish I will start reading more and make time for it! www.georgyana.me

  3. Nice stats! In 2015, when I first participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge I managed to read 63 books (which was SO. GOOD., especially considering the fact that I hadn't read much fiction since I started uni in 2010), but this year I read 34 books. May and October were such busy months that I didn't read one single book. Anyhow, I decided to put my 2017 Reading Challenge to just 12 books - no pressure for me in 2017, haha! On the other hand, while I'm not so happy about not completing last year's challenge, I'm happy with the books I read. They were all books that I was longing to read for a long time - beautiful classics, old favorites ... And, in the end, that's what it is all about, right?

    1. I think that's the best attitude one can have! :D Best of luck on your reading in 2017, and hopefully, all the books you read will be as good as the ones last year! :)


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