Title: Hold Your Own
Author: Kate Tempest
Published: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 111
Rating: 3/5

Based on the myth of the blind Tiresias, this collection touches on youth, gender, love, sex and growing up.

So. I am a bit on the fence about this collection and I think most of it is because I'd heard so many great things and yet when I read it, I was not convinced.

The language is beautiful, there's not doubt about that, and there were some lines I read over and over. The themes are fascinating and the overarching story of Tiresias was interesting (I did have to look that myth up though, as I was not familiar with it from before). The premise is brilliant, but there's this wall I felt I couldn't quite get through. As a whole, it just didn't quite do it for me.

There were definitely some poems I enjoyed and really liked, but because I picked this up, thinking it was going to be a new favorite, I cannot help but feel slightly disappointed and unsatisfied, because when you think you're going to be reading a new favorite, you cannot help but compare it to your other favorites, and this just doesn't compare.

It's good but not fantastic. I think I might have to mull this over for a bit, but a lot of people seem to absolutely love it, so don't take my word for this, it might just be me.

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