November is at an end and the last month of the year is arriving quickly. I think November was a kind of shock for the world, with everything that has been going on.

Here in Norway though, things are mostly the same as normal. Winter came early this year and it started snowing in the early days of this month, which cut autumn a bit short I'm afraid, but is generally quite lovely and does help with getting a good feeling for the time coming. As you may know, although I quite enjoy Christmastime, December is all about work for me and I have many busy days with long hours before me, so I don't reckon I will have much time to read.

That didn't refrain me from getting a bunch of books though! I've especially been really into nonfiction history books lately, so I got quite a few of those, along with some poetry, other nonfiction books and a few fiction ones.

I hope you guys are all doing all right, and feel free to tell me about some books you've gotten recently!


  1. Oh my, those biographies are humongous! Lovely haul!'Why God is a Woman','The Hidden Life of Trees' and 'The Warrior Queens' particularly peeked my interest. I'm looking forward in hearing your thoughts on all of these books whenever you get to them...
    (Also, can't help myself but to comment; your eyeliner and make-up game in general is sooo strong in all of your videos!)
    Happy reading!:)

    1. They certainly are huge! :D I've read Why God Is A Woman now and it was excellent (you can find the review here on the blog if you want). And thank you! I love makeup so that makes me really happy! :D

  2. I'm also really fascinated by Henry VIII and his many wives. I have read several books by Alison Weir - which are also non-fiction. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about an amazing TV series about The Tudors (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758790/?ref_=nv_sr_1) - well, they're probably much better looking in the show than back in the days, but it's still highly recommendable :-)

    1. Oh awesome, thanks for the recommendations! :D


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