Title: Autumn Journal
Author: Louis MacNeice
Published: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 96
Rating: 3/5

This poetry collection was written in the last month of 1938 and is a record of the authors experience during months where the world was about to fall apart.

This was a pretty good collection of poetry, though perhaps not my personal preference, and I don't actually have that much to say about it.

I think it gives an interesting glimpse into the time it was written in, right before the war. You get a good sense of the world back then and the language the author uses is lovely. It's a historical look into the time but it didn't move me quite as much as I had wished it would. I was much more interested in the coming war and the weight of it, than the authors own personal life.

One of my favorite poems was the fifth one. It's pretty long, so here's the first part:

To-day was a beautiful day, the sky was brilliant
Blue for the first time for weeks and weeks
But posters flapping on the railings tell the fluttered
World that Hitler speaks, that Hitler speaks
And we cannot take it in and go to our daily
Jobs to the dull refrain of caption "War"
Buzzing around us as from hidden insects
And we think "This must be wrong, it has happened before".

The poems I enjoyed in this were excellent, though I didn't enjoy them all. It's one of those collections that are solid and good, but doesn't quite make its way into my heart.

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