Autumn is here and it's time to look at some new book releases!


First of all, this cover is freaking gorgeous. Secondly, this is contemporary fiction novel about a woman who falls in love with an older man and starts a relationship that will change her life forever.


This is a historical fiction book set during a heatwaves in 1911 in England, where the main character finds herself locked up in an asylum. It's about madness, love and freedom.


This is a short story collection filled with stories set in the future, where they have social media implants, dangerously immersive virtual reality games, robots and fake memories you can get implanted into your brain. Sounds terrifying and therefore also fascinating.


The full title of this is Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History. Now, how can one NOT want to read that?


This book caught my eye because I know it's translated from French (always looking for new translated books) and it's about a boy from the Syrian desert who has just watched his mother die and have been left by his father, and it's about how he struggles to get out of the desert and get himself a better life.

What books are you excited about this month?

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