Title: Mrs Dalloway
Author: Virginia Woolf
Published: 1925
Language: English
Pages: 233
Rating: 4/5

One summer day in June in 1923, the elegant Clarissa Dalloway is preparing for a party and remembering those she once loved.

I have a hard time putting into words what I think about this book, but I shall try. In short terms, I thought it was fantastic.

I've previously read one other fiction book by Woolf, but this time I felt like I finally got it. I feel like I understood her style and the way it's built. It's a continuous stream of movement, very fluid, but beautiful. It gives you a real sense of being on top looking down at London and the characters moving around in it.

I thought the themes were fantastic and the characters great. It did take me a while to be fully immersed in it, but when I got into it, I thought it was gorgeous. There are some parts in it that blew me away.

I would definitely recommend this, but I think it's worth to keep in mind that it is written in the style of stream of consciousness and it doesn't really have much structure (there are no chapters, just long paragraphs), which I think can catch some people off guard if you're unfamiliar with Woolfs style.

I think this is a book that will stay with me for a long time, and it might be a five star read when it's simmered a bit with me.

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