Title: Poems
Author: William Blake
Published: 1905
Language: English
Pages: 288
Rating: 4/5

A full collection of poetry by William Blake.

Reading this felt like visiting an old friend. I first read Blake in my teens and it's one of the reasons I fell in love with poetry, so he will always have a special place in my heart and remains one of my favorites.

I had read quite a lot of the poems in this already, but it was lovely with a reread. There were also some new ones I discovered, and though I don't equally enjoy all his poems, there is more I like than not. What I like most about his poetry is that one poem often has a counterpart that shows the other side of the coin, such as innocence turned on its head.

One of my many favorites by him is A Divine Image;

Cruelty has a Human Heart
And Jealousy and Human Face
Terror the Human Form Divine
And Secrecy the Human Dress

The Human Dress is forged Iron
The Human Form a fiery Forge
The Human Face a Furnace seal'd
The Human Heart its hungry Gorge
p. 76

His themes are usually focused around religion, politics of his day and quite a bit of philosophy, so if you like the sound of that, I would definitely recommend reading some of his poems.
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