Title: Treats
Author: Lara Williams
Published: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 129
Rating: 3/5

A contemporary short story collection covering break-ups, relationships and womanhood.

This was quite a good collection, though not amazing.

This does what it promises: it contains stories of modern women (and a few men), in different shapes and forms. Some, I found easier to connect to than others, so there were very few of the stories that truly struck a chord with me.

The writing is lovely and I thought the use of second person narrative to be quite interesting. There are several moments in this where I felt like I could really connect to the characters, and there are several excellent moments in this. I think this speaks to a very certain age group and I think most of us who have grown up in the modern age can find something in this to relate to. I also thought it was quite interesting to read about the different kinds of relationships that are in this.

I do think this collection is quite repetitive, grinding on the same themes and similar characters, which makes some of the stories blend a bit into each other, which is unfortunate.

This is definitely an interesting collection though, and I would recommend it if you enjoy contemporary literary fiction.

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