Title: The Shell Collector
Author: Anthony Doerr
Published: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 224
Rating: 3/5

A collection of short stories that takes readers from the African Coast to pine forests in Montana.

I've previously read All The Light We Cannot See by Doerr and loved it, and so I had fairly high expectations for this collection. And although it does contain some of the elements about his writing I love so much, it's not quite there.

I really enjoyed the first few stories in this, as I thought they contained something special, that something which I so appreciated in his other work. The title story is interesting and has a wonderful atmosphere. The best part about all these stories is the atmosphere, which he constructs so well. The way he describes nature is something special.

However, by the end I was honestly getting a bit bored. The stories felt repetitive and the characters didn't stand out to me. I felt almost all the stories dealt with the same themes, just slightly different, but it's not different enough. I think this would have been a much stronger collection if a few stories had been left out.

It's definitely an interesting collection though and the writing is lovely. I would recommend spacing out the stories though, as I think that helps a bit with the feeling of repetitivity.

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