Another year has begun and it's time to make some reading challenges for the next year! You can check out last years challenges here, and see how I did.

Last year, I pledged to read 100 books, and even though I surpassed that, I think I will stick to 100 this year as well.

I also had a bunch of small goals within that and though I stuck to them, I found them a bit constricting. So this year, I will be making fewer, but I'm still really excited about them! I have set 5 goals:

12 Classics:
I'm thinking I will try to read one each month.

5 Books in Norwegian:
Because I failed this goal last year, and only read one book. ONE BOOK. Out of 138, I read ONE BOOK in Norwegian (which also sucked, so that wasn't great). I definitely want to read more than that.

12 Translated Books:
I really want to read more translated fiction, and more diversely in general. 

5 Non-Fiction Books:
This is one of the goals I enjoyed most last year, so I will be doing it again.

12 Poetry Books:
At least one each month. This is probably going to be the easiest, because I love reading poetry.

What are your reading goals, AND do you have any recommendations for what books I should read this year?



  1. Why won't you try Wisława Szymborska? Polish nobelist, poetry writer. Some of her collections were translated. I really adore some of her poems and from what I can see - english translations are pretty good. (I'm Polish so I know the original version.) But this is just a suggestion. :)

    1. Perfect, thank you so much!!! I will definitely check him out! :D

    2. It's her, not him haha :) But I'm glad I could help.

    3. Oh, I see! Sorry for my mistake! Will definitely check HER out :D


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