Book Review:
Under the Jaguar Sun by Italo Calvino

Title: Under the Jaguar Sun
Author: Italo Calvino
Translated by: William Weaver (original language: Italian)
Published: 1986
Language: English
Pages: 96
Rating: 4/5

A series of stories exploring different senses.

I had no idea what this book was about before I picked it up, but boy, does this little book pack a punch.

There are three stories in this, each capturing and painting a portrait about a different sense; the sense of taste, the sense of hearing and the sense of smelling. It took me a while to realise that this was what the book was trying to show me, but once I got it, I was blown away.

The language of this is what really sells it. You don't read this book for character or plot, it's more a beautiful description of a human experience.

If you want to try reading some Italo Calvino, I think this is a good place to start. I will definitely be reading more from this author.

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  1. I've heard a lot of Italo Calvino, especially about Italian Folktales, Invisible Cities and If On A Winter's Night A Traveller, his most famous book. I would really like to read one of his books, because it seems that when I hear something about him it's really positive. Glad you liked it; it's so fun to discover a 'new' author!

    1. I know! I can't wait to read more of his work! :D Italian Folktales is definitely on the top of my list to read soon :D


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