Book Review:
Snow White by The Grimm Brothers

Title: Snow White
Author: The Grimm Brothers, Camille Rose García (Illustrator)
Published: 1812
Language: English
Pages: 80
Rating: 4/5

The classic Snow White fairy tale, fully and dramatically illustrated.

Before reading this, I had no experience with Snow White outside of the Disney version, and it's the first time I've read the Grimm version.

The story of this is a typical fairy tale, and as with original fairytales, it can be a little gruesome. I quite enjoyed that. I must admit though, that the story isn't what I love what about this.

Obviously, what makes this book extraordinary is the artwork. García has captured this fairy tale beautifully, and I appreciate that it has a dark and gothic feel to it. The use of typography also brings another element to the story, and makes reading it a wonderful experience.

I would highly recommend reading this, as I feel this might be the most capturing way of reading this story. The artwork makes this book a true gem.

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