Book Review:
No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay

Title: No Matter the Wreckage
Author: Sarah Kay
Published: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 143
Rating: 4/5

This is a poetry collection about family, love, travel and history.

Yet another attempt at reading some modern poetry, and this collection turned out to be a happy surprise.

One of my problems with some poetry is that I just don't understand it, but with this, I felt like I got most of it - and even those I didn't fully understand, they still had their charm. I felt like the voice of the author shone through and I really enjoyed listening to that voice.

There are so many beautiful pieces in this, not just full poems, but sentences within those poems. I also thought all the poems belonged together somehow, which is important when you have a collection (one would think it was obvious, but sometimes it doesn't work).

One of the poems I really liked in this collection is Evaporate:

Today lasted so long, by the time I arrived at nightfall,
I had forgotten that this morning was this morning.

It seemed so far away, like yesterday, or the day before.
And days and days and days unfolded in the hours between

when I first woke and when now I sit. I notice minutes
move, much more than when I was younger.

Today I looked at my face in a mirror.
I braided my hair. I put on a dress.

Today a child shook my hand like a grown-up
and told me she was in the sixth grade.

It sounds like she said she wasn't the sick grey
which made me think that is what she thought I was.

I am watching parts of me evaporate like sidewalk water.
This wet grey, this nighttime dew, gone before morning.
p. 43

I would highly recommend this poetry collection if you're into poetry. I think anyone could find something in this that appeals to them.

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