Book Review:
Arabic Poems

Title: Arabic Poems
Edited by: Marle Hammond
Published: 2014
Language: English/Arabic
Pages: 288
Rating: 4/5

A bilingual collection of Arabic poems from the sixth century to the present.

This was a wonderful poetry collection and I enjoyed it so much!

I found a lot of the poetry in this to be extremely beautiful, and I must applaud those who managed to translate it. I especially found the poetry about love to be especially gorgeous, and it's easily some of my favorite love poetry I've ever read.

This book contains poetry from pre-Islamic times to modern times. I must admit I didn't enjoy the oldest poetry as much as the modern, but it was interesting to read nonetheless.  Also, even though I cannot read Arabic, I really like that the original text is included in this book.

A lot of the poetry I liked most are beautiful but a bit long, so here's one of the shorter ones I really liked called Seeing Herself Beautiful and Nubile by Qasmuna Bint Isma'il;

I see an orchard
Where the time has come
For harvesting
But I do not see
A gardener reaching out a hand
Toward its fruits
Youth goes, vanishing; I wait alone
For somebody I do not wish to name
p. 131, translated by C. Middleton and L. Garza-Falcón

I would highly recommend this poetry collection if you wish to try some Arabic poetry.

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You can read more about it on Goodreads

Also, the color of this book is gorgeous...



  1. lovely pictures, you have such a great blog :)

  2. this poem in this picture for antara (Mu'llaqah)

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  4. The magical and the special thing in the arabic poetry is in this things:
    1- the rhythm when you read the poem make you sing it not only read.
    2- the rhyme specially in the classic is same Pronunciation (endings) like in this picture (me مِ
    and مي mee).
    3- the language in the Arabic poetry is so deep and sometimes mysterious you think you know what the poet mean but you Shocking the meaning is different and higher level than you think.
    4- Very hard to translate its because the meanings in the arabic poems losing 90% of her magic when it translate.
    5- The Arabic language is so helpful for poets because it rich language it have more than 12 Million word you can find too much words have a same mean like the lion have more than 300 names.
    if you want to hear one put this link:


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