Book Review:
Russian Poets

Title: Russian Poets
Edited by: Peter Washington
Published: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 256
Rating: 4/5

A collection of poetry by Russian authors.

I quite enjoyed this poetry collection. I've never read any poetry by Russian authors, so this was a pleasant discovery.

What stands out most to me overall is the emotional intensity of the poetry. Many of the poems feels very raw, honest and therefore powerful. It's also very lyrical Poetry that rhymes is a personal preference for me, and this had a lot of it. I love the rhythm of it.

An author that stood out to me in this collection was Alexander Pushkin, but I think my favourite poem in this collection is "I and You" by Nikolai Gumilev. The first verses go like this:

Yes I come from another country
To your world I can never belong
Tinkling guitars cannot please me
I want a wild desolate song

I do not read my verses in drawing-rooms
To black-coats and dresses like shrouds
I read my verses to dragons
To the waterfalls and to the clouds

A highly enjoyable poetry collection. I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy lyrical poetry and want to read some from Russian authors.

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As always with these books, this is gorgeous without the dust jacket...


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