Book Review:
The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

Title: The Art of Being Normal
Author: Lisa Williamson
Published: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 368
Rating: 5/5

David Piper has a secret only his closest friends know: he wants to be a girl.

Leo Denton has one goal when he starts his new school: to be invisible.

But when David is bullied, Leo stands up for him, and an unlikely friendship arise. However, things get messy when their secrets are dragged into the light of day.

I loved this book. It's crucial, entrancing and well written.

What I loved most about this is the theme. I have never read a book about transgender people, and I think it's so important that I do. It's important to read about diverse subjects, and I thought the subject of being born in the wrong body was fascinating.

I also really loved the two main characters, and how you get to know them as more than just transgender people. I could really feel for them - teenage years are hard enough as it is. I also liked the side-characters. I didn't feel like any of them were unnecessary or superficial, and I thought they represented all kinds of reactions to the theme.

I'm having a little trouble explaining why I loved this so much. I just think it's important for all people to read about these things. Even if it's fiction, it feels realistic and you learn a lot.

I would highly recommend this book because I think it would do everyone good to read something like this.

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