Mini Haul: Bookplates

So, recently I got some new bookplates, and I just had to show them to you. They're just so gorgeous!

My fascination with bookplates comes from my grandmother, who used to make her own bookplates. Which is pretty amazing, she was a crafty woman! They had this bird on it and her name, and I've always wanted some myself. But since I don't know how to make them, I went to the place where I knew someone probably made them: Etsy.

I had them made with my name and the initial of my last name. The designer sent me a proof of it before she actually made them, to check spelling and everything, which was great.

I got these from a shop called NancyNikkoDesign. There's also a bunch of other really beautiful bookplates, so beware when you browse.

Don't you just love these?



  1. Wow these are absolutely stunning! I've actually never heard of bookplates before but it's such a great idea!

    1. It is a great idea, isn't it :D I just love putting them in my books :)

  2. Those are GORGEOUS. I just ran out of my last plate, so I'm going to have to check out that company for some more. Those are really stunning.

    Great post!


    1. I know, right! And the woman who sells them are really nice too, so it's all good!


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