Top 5: Graphic Novels I Want To Read

I've always read a lot, ever since I was a child, but I've never really read any graphic novels. I have read some Spider-Man comic books, but that's as close as I get.

So, I feel like there's this whole word I haven't discovered yet, so I found 5 graphic novels I really want to read. I don't own any of these... yet.
1. Alice in Wonderland by Camille Rose Garcia

I don't really know if this is the actual story with new illustrations, or if the story has been changed, but this art makes me sigh. I've been wanting to reread Alice in Wonderland anyway, so if it's the same, then that's great. If not, it'll be a surprise.

There's also a Snow White graphic novel by the same artist, but I can't find anywhere to buy it, and it's sold out from Garcias website. But maybe if I like this one, I'll get that one too.
2. Blankets by Craig Thompson

Found this on Goodreads, and it has gotten pretty good reviews. I really like the cover, and I think the plot sounds interesting. I think it's about sibling rivalry and love.
Northanger Abbey by Nancy Butler (text), Janet Lee (illustration)

I read this novel by Jane Austen quite some time ago, and it's the only one I've read of her six novels, so I'd like to read this and see if I can remember the story, or get some new perspective on it.
4. The Strange Tale of Panorama Island by Suehiro Maruo

What drew me in about this one is the art on the cover. It looks gorgeous! The artist is Japanese and I think the original version was in japanese also. I like asian art, so this looks really compelling.

Not sure what it's about, but it's gotten good reviews. I think it's an adaptation from a novel, but I'm not sure. Either way, would love to read this one.
5. Three Shadows by Cyril Pedrosa

Last but not least, this sounds like a really interesting. It's about a family; one day three shadows show up at their door, and they know there is no way to escape them. But they can't let go, so they try to run away anyway.

Love the cover, looks sort of creepy and cool.
So, whenever I get around to actually buying some of these, I'll be sure to write reviews. I'm really excited! I think I'll start with the first and the fifth, because they're the ones I find I'm most drawn to.


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